Rent 3D printer


We are offering Prusa I3 3D printer on rental basis.

We provide bespoke solutions for Individuals, Businesses and
Education whom are looking to utilise 3D Printing Technology.

If you require rental of 3D Printing or 3D Technology equipment,
whether this is for supporting an existing project, exploring technology viability within your business or for supporting your clients, we will aim to provide affordable and reliable rental solutions.

In addition, if the need is for an emergency replacement, we could
provide a rental solution as quickly as the next working day to help minimise downtime and maintain business continuity.

Take 3D Printer to Home, Workshop, Classroom and to any place you like.


  • Pay and Take Away basics
  • Rental is incl of Basic Filaments and Other Tools Required
  • Refundable Security Deposit is applicable upon the 3D printer being returned as in good condition as it was received
  • No Hidden Charges included
  • Price mentioned above is only for Pick-up
  • Door Delivery & Pick up is available at additional cost
  • Option to Buy – If you decide you want to own the equipment at the end of the lease simply pay the small buyout amount.

Rental Plans


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